Upgraded to El Capitan

Just upgraded to El Capitan beta and decided to start from scratch and download all my apps to avoid problems.

Got the database to work right away from TimeCapsule. No problems at all - just one question since I am lazy -

When importing messages from apples Mail - before I got a black menu asking me to what group I wanted the email - what setting is that?

Went in to preferences in DTPO and all scripts were installed right away.

Just that now all messages/emails ends up in the Global Inbox - just want to have my old extra black menu asking where I want to store it back.

DEVONthink > Preferences > Import > Destination

Thanks Korm!

Feel a bit lazy since I did read and recommended the EXCELLENT manual two weeks ago.

Sometimes it is just easier to ask here in the Forum.

Fantastic how easy it was to recover the complete database (20GB) from the backup and I was up running in no time. I really like the fact that the backup for DT is not in a cloud, but on my own controlled hard drive.

Thanks and hope I can do something back for the Forum!

AMEN! :smiley:

This is the proper, primary backup procedure. Glad to hear you’re doing it right. 8)