Upgrading DT Pro, scripts and other extras

Everytime I upgrade DT Pro, I’m always a little unsure what to do with the folders included in the disk image along with the updated application. Should I throw out my old AppleScripts and replace them with the new ones; leave DevonThink to sort it all out itself; or something else?


I create a folder in my Applications folder to hold each DEVONtechnologies application.

At update or upgrade time, I clear out the existing contents of the folder and replace them with the contents of the disk image.

Note: If a public beta or an upgrade (which will have additional cost) is posted, you might wish to archive the existing folder contents. That would allow you try out the upgrade, but to revert if you don’t want to upgrade after all.

Hi Bill,

Am I correct in understanding that the DevonThink Pro application won’t suffer in any way from not being at the root level of the Applications folder?


That’s correct. Over here it’s not even installed on the system volume :slight_smile:

Another quick followup:
Don’t you lose something by having everything together in the Applications folder, rather than moving scripts to Library > Scripts?

No. All stuff which should be installed in the Library is either automatically installed/updated or on demand (see Help > Install Add-ons…). The additional stuff distributed via the disk image (e.g. folder actions or workflows) can be installed anywhere you like if you need them.

ricki, when you install DT Pro it gives you the option to automatically install a number of scripts in appropriate places. You can always confirm that by choosing Help > Install Add-ons.

There are also other scripts, workflows and Widgets in folders in the disk image that you may use, and may need to put into a proper location when you do so. The online Help > DEVONthink Pro Help files will guide you in how to use them. There are script Examples that may help you develop or modify your own scripts. There are droplets that can be placed in your Dock.