Upgrading DTPO to beta2

After my initial experience with DTPO beta1, I took advantage of the offer and purchased a license, assuming that upgrade notices would be forthcoming. I’ve just noticed a few comments about DTPO beta2 being tested.

I’m still using version 1.3 beta1, and when I hit the “Check for updates” command, it tells me that (a) I’m running DTPO ver1.3beta1 and (b) that no newer version was found.


  • should I manually download an upgrade to beta2?
  • at what point will the “check for updates” notify me to upgrade?
  • what’s the present ETA (estimated time of arrival) for the production version of DTPO?

= Rich

Hi, Rich. Just go to http://www.devon-technologies.com/download/index.html and download the current posted version of DEVONthink Professional Office.

I recommend that you download the current posted version, as it does have some bug fixes and improvements.

When will the final (non-beta) version be released? Pretty soon, probably – but I don’t have a date certain. It’s probable that there will be at least one more beta release, first.


Thank you very much. I have had almost no problems with DTPO beta so far. Mostly “pilot error” that comes along with learning a new system.

= Rich