Upgrading from DevonThink Pro to DevonThink Pro Office

I’m trying to upgrade from DevonThink Pro to Pro Office, but I think things got screwy. What’s the best way to do this? Should I uninstall Pro first? If so, how do I do that to get all the bits and pieces?

I did the same upgrade about a week ago, and it all went flawlessly.

First, I made a backup that’s stored on an external drive. Then, with DevonThinkPro not running, I launched the disk image, and dragged the app’s icon to my applications folder.

There was a message saying that this app already exists; did I want to replace it? I said yes.

DevonThink Pro Office installed. I launched it and everything was just as it was before, with the exception of the new icon and, of course, all the extras (I wanted the seamless e-mail importing and ocr) that office has.