Upgrading from Personal to Pro questions

I started using dt personal a couple of weeks ago. I decided I might as well upgrade to professional for multiple databases and scripting which I’ll eventually need.

In dt personal everything was in library–application support–devonthink2/. The files were separate from the db and I could click through to them. If I clicked reveal on a file it would show the file in that directory, so I know I wasn’t seeing things.

DT Pro seems to do things completely different putting the database in my documents folder. That’s also where it holds the files. But unlike the situation in dt personal, I can’t click through to the actual files. I have to click reveal to see where the files in dt pro are being kept.

Keeping in mind that I know nothing about databases I have 2 questions. Did I do something wrong or do the two applications set up databases in different places? And two, if the database is corrupted in db pro, will I lose the files also? I ask because I can’t click through to them as I could in dt personal. In dt personal I could see that they were separate from the database, so I felt comfortable with that situation. In dt pro I have to click reveal in finder to see them outside of the dt pro application.

And lastly, I’m not sure the 3rd party scripts etc. installed correctly, and if I click ‘install add-ons’ it gives me an error. I do have apple scripts working within dt pro (internal script menu), and I don’t care about the bookmarks or droplets, but I would like to use the scripts in the ‘example’ folder under scripts in the ‘extra’ folder. No matter how much I read I can’t figure out where they go. Should I put them with the rest of the scripts in the library-- application support-- devonthink-- scripts/ so they show up in the dt pro internal script menu or do they go elsewhere?

Thanks for any help.

I haven’t used DT personal in a long time so I can’t talk specifically to it. However, given it only handles one database, the logical place to put it is ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Personal.

DT Pro uses “packages” for its databases, and you can put them wherever you want. A package is really just a folder that is treated specially by the Finder. You can navigate into the folder by right clicking and selecting “show package contents.”

So the answer to whether the two store databases in separate locations is “yes.”

As far as losing the files if the database corrupts, no you won’t lose them. The files are still in the database and stored in their original form. You could navigate to them from the Finder if you wanted (it’s just the way they directories are stored is not easily human readable as it’s designed to be faster for the application to read them).

On the scripting stuff… have a read of the scripts forum, there are lots of details on how to install, manage, etc. the scripts.

Thanks so much for the quick, clear answer. I really appreciate it.

Now of to the scripting forum…