Upgrading From Personal To Pro

One More: Evaluating DEVONthink before purchase.

Currently running personal version in trial mode. I have been dragging emails from my email program to a folder and DEVONthink stores them as .eml files which seems to work great.

Concern 1: I have a lot of emails I wish to archive and am concerned about running out of space in a single database. (YES I TEND TO HORDE EMAILS) SO lets say I have 90,000 emails divided among 5 or 6 email accounts. I know I have to drag them over. WHats the max Database size before DEVONthink freaks out? I read somewhere about 200,00 documents but millions of words. How big can the database be?

Concern 2: DEVONthink Pro lets you create multiple databases. This might solve my problem if I have a separate database just for emails. Since I am running Personal, can I just install Pro and fire it up expecting it to use the old settings but with the added functionality?

Thanks for your help.

Here’s my suggestion on database size:
Size in gigabytes isn’t the critical number. If you check out File > Database Properties > … for a given database, the number of words / unique words are more critical. On a modern machine with 8GB RAM, a comfortable limit is 40,000,000 words and 4,000,000 unique words in a database. (Note: This does not scale in a linear way, so a machine with 16GB wouldn’t necessarily have a comfortable limit of 80,000,000 words / 8,000,888 unique words.) So text content in a database is far more important.

No. Pro (Office) are separate editions. If you purchased Personal through our online shop and upgraded it through us, the Personal database would be converted to a Pro database.