Upgrading from the MacHeist Tweetblast version to DT2.0 Pro.

…Office with the education discount.

The request coupon page seems to be taking it’s sweet time sending me a response to my coupon request, so I thought I’d ask here, since a few folks from the MacHeist promo are asking the same question on their forum boards and might navigate here seeking an answer.

If one has the free DevonThink personal offered on the MacHeist page, what is the estimated cost of upgrading to DevonThink 2.0 Pro Office with a verifiable education discount? The information doesn’t seem to be published anywhere on the Devon Technologies website.

Visit the Upgrade Pageand drop down the products pop-up menu. It shows all upgrade options including their prices. Educational discount is 25% on any official price.

For DEVONthink Personal 1.x to Pro Office 2.0 it’s US$ 100 instead of US$ 149.95.