Upload in DT3b7 Server doesn't seem to be working

Running DT3b7 Server. Have permissions for my user set to “add” for inbox and my main database. When I try to upload a file to the server via Safari…it never ends up in my DT3 database. Not in the inbox or anywhere else that I can see. No error message occurs but no confirmation messages either. First time I tried doing this so I don’t know how long the problem has existed.

DT3b7 Server
iMac Pro
OS: 10.14.6

Can you clarify the process you’re using?

Thanks for your question…in the course of putting together some screen shots to explain what I’m seeing, I was successful in uploading a PDF via Safari. And it does do OCR on the incoming PDF even though the web display just says “PDF” for “KIND” … when I view the uploaded file via the locally-running version of DT3 (the same one providing the Server to the internet), I see it has a kind of “PDF+Text” so I know the OCR process occurred during upload.

I’m not sure what I was doing incorrectly before. It may have been that I didn’t hit the little “arrow to the cloud” button that appears in the “New File” dialog box…but instead hit “Done” and that wasn’t right.

You’re welcome and I was wondering if you had merely pressed Done instead of the upload arrow. :slight_smile:

Two things you have to do. 1) when you first log in to the DT3 server, you need to pick a destination (it doesn’t default to an inbox) and then 2) as you say, hit done but not before you hit the upload arrow.

I’m really liking the server version a lot.

I’m really liking the server version a lot.

Glad to hear it.

However, do realize it comes with a high price tag if you’re using the trial version now. This has been discussed on the forums, like…

Not demanding it, but I really hope DT business men :sunglasses: will allow this (very) limited use of the webserver for non-enterprise users… IMHO it could be as simple as limiting connecting to the server to 1 user at a time. That would not disrupt enterprise sales (too limited for them) but would bring joy and happiness to all current DT2PO users who somehow rely on the server to achieve integrations with other OSs or apps. :crossed_fingers:

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great idea. server edition for private use (1-2 connections) would be great

Yes, I realize that. I’ve already registered my copy of DT3 Server edition.