upload snapshots, notes from iPhone

Hello there,

after trying out DTPO for a while, I’m very happy with most of its features, including the possibility to access my database through an iPhone.

here’s a question though: can I upload snapshots and notes from my iPhone to my database when I’m on the go (I feature i like in Evernote - in all other respects the inferior programme)?

I often take snapshots of book covers or posters that I want to remember at home with my iPhone. much faster than writing it down.

thanks for your input.

PS: Is a DTPO iPhone app on the way?

The web server of DEVONthink Pro Office does not yet support uploading of files but the final release of v2 probably will.

In the interim, I email myself photos from my iPhone, run them through a photo editing application and then can store them into a database.