Uploading via Cloudkit

I’ve imported a large amount of video files into DT3. While indexing the folders would have been more practical, I use DT via Cloudkit as a way to utilize my 2TB of Apple cloud space by using two different local disks. (DT databases on an external disk + other folders in Cloud from my internal disk.

Anyway, after a successful import, the upload begins via Cloudkit. The file count rises and rises above 50k with completed files obviously lagging behind, for example 42,000 of 53,000 uploaded. However, each time the app gets shut down, whether inadvertently, or forgetting an upload is in progress, or changing IP address by VPN, the upload must begin from scratch upon reopening DT. I’m not sure why the upload doesn’t pick up from where it left off since thousands of files were shown to have already been uploaded. On the DTTG app, nothing indicates that these new files have been uploaded. So tonight, with a sudden brown out from a rainstorm, the process begins again.

The upload should actually be resumed but the numbers shown during the progress indication are not comparable to the number of items in a database (e.g. large video files are split into many small uploads whereas multiple small files are often just one upload).

Which VPN do you? Especially NordVPN is not recommended together with iCloud due to various reliability issues not limited to DEVONthink.

I had a feeling you might zero in on the VPN. That was just one scenario and not indicative of the overall issue. It’s mainly that I had to quit the app either from a restart, etc. Thanks for explaining why I’m seeing several tens of thousands of files instead of maybe a thousand. It doesn’t appear that the upload is being resumed unless this is not viewable/testable and results only show upon completed upload.

Actually just checking possible causes.

The progress indication always starts from 0 and just shows the progress of the remaining upload.

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Ok thanks for the info Christian.