Urgent help needed - exporting data for third party


I use Devonthink Pro Office to archive webpage where I find my photos being used without permission.

In one instance, I’ve grabbed a web clip of the directory structure from their server, which includes two folders containing my images. Devonthink has copies of the JPG files in the directory structure, under Webclips.

I need to provide documentation to my solicitor showing that the images were downloaded from the server recently, so need to show the image name, URL, Date Added, and ideally a copy of the image.

Is there any way to create a sort of contact sheet of the images, with the metadata (including download date) with each image, and to save that as a PDF file?

The only immediate alternative I have at the moment is to buy a license for my solicitor so I can send them a copy of the database…

What would be handy is if I could select the group of images in Devonthink Pro and print to PDF, each of the columns visible in the window (but justified and paginated)… so you could choose what data to include at your leisure…

Is this possible at all?

Thanks in advance,


  1. Hoist the group containing the images to its own window by double-clicking the group name. This works best if you have a single group with the images, and that group has no children. The simplest way to set this up and avoid restructuring hierarchies is to create a group you will use for the steps below, and replicate the images that will be printed into that group – which is the one you hoist.
  2. Switch to View > As Icons
  3. Select View > Show Details – steps (2) and (3) will get you the thumbnail view with metadata that you are looking for. See the (tiny) rendering below – this is meant for illustration, the actual display is large and readable. You can adjust the size of the thumbnails in Icon view by moving the slider that appears to the top right of the display area. It is not possible (AFAIK) to change the choice of metadata displayed in this View – however I think the defaults are what you are looking for.
  4. Change File > Page Setup… to Landscape
  5. Use File > Print

(BTW, just my opinion of course, but I wouldn’t rely on a script written by a unknown volunteer from a public forum as the basis for legal action. If you need surety, it would be cheaper to buy that license for your solicitor.)

Brilliant! Thanks so much - that’s ideal! Much appreciated!
It would be nice to be able to choose which fields are shown, but this is just what I’m looking for, for now…

Kind regards, and thanks again