URI Scheme

As one of the many new Launch Center Pro owners, I would like to see DTTG as one of the supported apps. Would there be a chance we could have URI schemes for launching and initiating a search in DTTG? Or if this already exists, is there some documentation for it?


+1. Looking for the same answer.

The URI scheme is exactly the same as in DEVONthink for Mac:


where everything after the // is the UUID of the element to open.

Given the recent upgrades to a number of iOS apps, e.g., Drafts, Mr. Reader, etc. implementing a more complete url scheme with x-callback, etc. could make collecting and processing information in all its varied forms in DTTG on the iPad a really great solution.

I have been wondering about this myself, and sending info to DTTG from Drafts and Mr Reader are the two examples I would be most interested in. So, is the only URL scheme supported by DTTG, at the moment, the one mentioned two posts above, for opening an item in DTTG?

To add bookmarks and text selection to DTTG from Mr. Reader via URI scheme see [url]Add Notes via x-devonthink URL scheme?]. Presumably similar can be done from Drafts.