URL doesn't show up when opening page from DTP

There is only one thing that really, really irritates me about DA.

First of all, DA is set as my default browser to open new windows since it tolerates a lot of open windows better than Safari does(I use Safari as my main browser, though, due to bookmarking). And I use DEVONThink Pro all day every day.

The irritation: If a new window is opened in DA either from DTP or another source, the address shown is simply http:// Since I often want to copy the address, I have to reload the page to get the full address. I have do this maybe 40-50 times a day, so it really gets on my nerves.

Otherwise, I love DA!

If I understand your procedure, I can’t replicate the URL problem.

I set DEVONagent Preferences to open a URL sent by another application in a new Window.

I selected a bookmark in my DT Pro database and Control-clicked on it, then chose the option to open the page in DEVONagent. The page opened in a new window in DA. The full URL is visible in the address field. I can copy that URL to the clipboard if I wish, using the keyboard shortcut Control-Command-C (equivalent to Edit > Copy URL).

In order to make a link contained in a document in my DT Pro Office database open in DEVONagent, I can make DEVONagent my default database and Control-click on that link choosing the option Open Link. The page will then open in a new window in DEVONagent. And I see the full URL in the address field, and can copy it to the clipboard with the afore-mentioned keyboard shortcut.

Am I doing the same things you did? If so, and the URL doesn’t appear on your computer when the page loads, I’ll ask a question: Have you installed any Input Methods plugin(s)? What about “Other” Preference Panes in System Preferences?

BTW, I agree with you about DEVONagent’s tabs. Every week I’ll open the Contents page of Science Magazine in DEVONagent. While scanning the table of contents I’ll Command-click on articles that may be of interest, choosing the Full Text option. Each article opens in its own tab, where I’ll later review it and perhaps choose information for my database as a rich text note. I select (from the bottom upwards) text/images/tables for the capture, then Command-click on the selection to capture it with the option Add Selection to DEVONthink. I find this an efficient procedure to capture topical reference materials from journals and other online sources.

Thanks for taking the time to write such a long answer!

I can control-click in DTP on a URL and open it in DA and it comes up with just the .
I can click on a URL in DTP so that it opens it in DTP’s view window, then click the DA symbol in the tool bar and it opens with just the .
Same for opening links from Mail and any other application.

My DA is set to open URL’s from an application in a new window. I have not installed any input methods plugins. I have a bunch of “not out-of-the-box” preference panes in System Preferences, but not anything weird or flaky.

But this has been the behavior of DA since day 1, as far as I can recall.

Should I trash the preferences? Something else?

It’s not a show-stopper, simply annoying. So if it just happens to me and nobody else, I’ll just call it bad karma and live with it! :smiley:

First, try trashing the .plist files for DEVONagent at ~/Library/Preferences/. DEVON .plist file names start with “com.devon-technologies…” (But don’t delete your registration .plist file). You will have to renter any changes from default in DA’s Preferences.

If the problem persists, turn attention to those “not weird or flaky” preference panes. At a minimum, make certain they are up to date. I tend to be suspicious of things that change the appearance or behavior of OS X, including QuickTIme plugins that extend QuickTIme’s handling of audio or video file types. I’m almost willing to bet that if you temporarily remove the “Other” preference panes, your URL address problem will disappear. :slight_smile:

Ok. Will try it and let you know!

Which version of DEVONagent do you use? And do you use 1password too?

I’m using DA 2.3.1

I do use 1PassWord.


Forgot to mention that I turned off all my Preference Panes etc by holding down the shift key at login. Same behavior.

Try uninstalling 1PassWord and restart.

Note: booting into Safe Mode doesn’t tell the full story on extensions, plugins and preference panes.

Does the same happen after disabling 1password?

That was the cause! :smiley:

I disabled 1Password and DA behaved as it should: It had the full URL when it was called from all the previous situations.

Incidentally, I didn’t realize 1Password was an Input Manager until I started looking around for something to disable! I thought I had gotten rid of all my Input Managers long ago.

Now, I need to decide if I can do without 1Password, or would rather just keep reloading the page to get the URL.