URL field after message is added to DTPO (mailto)


I am a new to DTPO, and despite the fact that I have searched for the answer to my question, haven’t been able to find it yet.

When I add individual messages to my DTPO, using the menu MESSAGE / ADD TO DEVONTHINK PRO OFFICE from Mail.app, it loads the message in DTPO perfectly. The thing is that I was wondering if there is a way to see in the URL field, the e-mail address by itself reflected and not a long string such as “mailto:qwerty@qwerty.comxxxxxxxxx…etc…” . having that long string and with the mailto in the beggining, makes it impossible to work fast and identify the sender or recepient that should be there.

The rich text of the message has the email addresses of both the sender and the recipient. Click on the appropriate link to initiate a new Mail message (assuming Mail is the default email client), with the address already entered.

The URL field of the message’s Info panel contains the sender’s email address plus the subject of the message.

So you can quickly create a new message in Mail (assuming that’s the default mail client) by launching the URL (click on the “@” symbol to the right of the URL field). The URL field is a very fast way of initiating a new message with automatic fill-in of the Subject.


thanks for your reply.

Is there a way to configure the information that appears in the URL field, so it only indicates the sender’s e-mail address or name by itself.

Right now I am viewing something similar to this:


and I will like to see only one of these:

"ricardo@hotmail.com" or “Ricardo” (if such is the name as it appears in my address book therefore reflected in mail.app

The thing is that it is impossible to order you messages or quickly identify them when you have the initial “mailto:…” text.

If you or someone knows the configuration which I must do, i’ll highly appreciate.

I have viewed in other screenshots of people using DTPO, that their URL field only reflects the e-mail of the sender, and not the “mailto: …” code.


There’s no user access to change the content automatically sent to the URL field.

“mailto:” is the standard prefix for an email address link.

DT Pro Office email archives are rich text versions of your email messages. The text doesn’t contain separate fields, e.g. for To, From, Subject. Because Apple’s rich text doesn’t treat hyperlinks as text content, terms comprising links are not read into the Concordance of the database and are not therefore directly searchable.

This means that you will see limitations for searching and sorting by comparison to the original message within the mail client.

You can search an archive database by text content, by Name (which is derived from the email Subject) and by URL (do a Phrase search of the URL for “mailto:ricardo” for example, to find messages sent by ricardo).

You can add keywords or notes to the Comment field of a message to enhance searching for your purposes.

Version 2.0 will bring enhanced searches, including the use of wildcards (version 1.x only uses wildcards for Name searches). It will also be possible to add an additional column for date created (Sent date) to Search results.