URL handling in DTPO

When I drag or import a .webloc file from the Finder into DTPO, it appears as an indexed file rather than an imported file. Is this correct or is it a bug? I thought this behavior was changed from DTP.

It gets indeed imported, the little indicator means just “item has no internal content but links to external file” in this case.


I understand what you are saying. Is there any way to bring the webloc file into DTPO so it is not linked and so that the original can be deleted?

You can delete the orignal file and the indicator will disappear (the bookmark in DT will of course still work).

Thanks, Christian. That worked functionally. However, the linking indicator persisted after the original was deleted and the trash emptied. I even quit DTPO and restarted and it was still there. I had to manually go into the INFO window and delete the path to get the indicator to disappear.