URL Manager Pro menus in DA menubar?

It would be way cool if URL Manager Pro menus could be accessed from the menu bar in DA as they are in major browsers. The shared menus route is theoretically available, but this approach creates too many software glitches and is not endorsed by Apple.


Thank you for the suggestion. But actually I’m not sure if DEVONagent should support URL Manager Pro or if URL Manager Pro should support DEVONagent as I doubt that any browser supports this software. Anyway, DEVONagent 2.0 will be a more complete browser (including the probably most powerful script suite of any browser) and if more people should request this, support will of course become more likely.

Hi Christian -

You may want to have a quick chat with the owner/developer, Alco Blom, to see if it can be done without excessive effort. He can be reached at alco@url-manager.com. He has made the menu available in a number of browsers’ menu bars, including obscure ones.


I second this motion. URLMP is an excellent bookmark manager, and it works in every browser I’ve ever used, except for DA. It also works in Entourage. It’s a matter of DA saying OK to Shared Menus, I believe. Here’s the FAQ:


Shouldn’t the “Bookmark Menu Extra” work with DEVONagent? It’s recommended by the developer.

OK, I found what part of the problem was. It was inaccessible in DA on my system when the “scripts menu” was activated. I ran the “Remove Script Menu” applescript and the URLMP Bookmark Menu showed up in DA’s menu bar!

There is another glitch now, though. I’ve had the app switch from DA to URLMP just by clicking on the menu. And, more importantly, when attempting to bookmark a web page open in a DA browser window using the menu, I’ve gotten this strange behavior from URLMP: switch to ULRMP, which then freezes with a washed-out dialog with an inactive button - about no selection or open page to bookmark. I can email you a pdf if you like. Have to force-quit URLMP. And when attempting to do same with the keyboard shortcut as an alternative, nothing happens.

I surmise there is indeed an underlying problem. And BTW, no URLMP menu in DThink.

Using URL Manager Pro 3.4.4, I was able to open a bookmark in DA by selecting the bookmark either in the Dock menu or in the bookmarks menu but URL Manager Pro wasn’t activated by this action - DA was still the active application. But this requires of course that DA is used as the default browser as long as URL Manager Pro does not support DEVONagent (same applies to the command “Add bookmark…” - URL Manager Pro has to support DEVONagent to make this functional).

In the meantime, you could add this script to DA’s script menu to add bookmarks to URL Manager Pro:

tell application "DEVONagent"
	if exists browser 1 then
		set theBrowser to browser 1
		set theURL to URL of theBrowser
		set theName to name of theBrowser
		tell application "URL Manager Pro" to savebookmark theURL name theName info ""
	end if
end tell

Sounds cool - I’ll try it!

Alco says he will add DA support to UMP soon.

Neat app.