URL of records imported from Evernote

I use Evernote as a sort of inbox for files, snippets, web pages, etc. I then regularly import everything into DEVONthink from Evernote and delete the originals from Evernote.

When a web page is clipped to Evernote, it also captures the original URL. When I import into DEVONthink the imported note’s URL is that of the (now deleted) Evernote record. I would prefer that the import process preserved the original URL captured in Evernote. Possible?

The script will capture the URL in the Info panel of the saved file in DEVONthink. (In case you didn’t know where to look for it.)

Thanks all. I had been using that script at one time but stopped when DEVONthink offered a built-in option.

After playing around with both options, I think I’ve learned that I’m approaching things wrong. Most of the time I add things to Evernote simply because it’s easier (via iPhone or other apps). I’ve realized that web pages aren’t one of those things. I’ll just go back to using the DEVONthink web clipper for web content, since the URL is captured nicely that way.

Still, I’d prefer that the native Evernote import in DEVONthink captured the original content’s URL.

I have the same request. It is not about where to find the imported URL, but that the import process should capture the URL that is saved in Evernote’s URL field, not the URL that points to the item in the Evernote database. Take this scenario: I capture a newspaper article with Evernote. Evernote saves the content plus the original URL. Then I import that article from Evernote into DevonThink Pro. Now I would like that the imported record maintains the original URL to the newspaper website.

The original url of an Evernote document seems to be lost when imported into Devonthink. The Info pain only seems to record the url the the document in Evernote. Is there a way to fix this?

If you export your note(s) from Evernote as an ENEX files (Evernote’s XML format) and then import the ENEX file to DEVONthink (File > Import), you will get a formatted-note document in your database with the contents of the ENEX note and the original URL.

Well I’ll be, it works. That relieves a pain point for me when working with both Evernote and DEVONthink. Thank you!

Well, I’m afraid it doesn’t. I run DTPO 2.8.9 and all I get in the info panel after import is the URL to the document in Evernote (in the format, f.ex.: evernote:///view/123345/789/[more numbers]). Nowhere is the original URL to be found.
Note that I import directly from Evernote, not via Evernote export as ENEX file. When I try to import the ENEX files exported from Evernote 6.4 on my Mac, via DTPO’s File:Import:Files and Folders…, I only get an empty folder icon :frowning:
How can this be fixed?

Evernote’s Export to HTML function appears broken. :open_mouth:

Note: The question of what is the rightful URL of an imported Evernote document is undecided. Some people want to link back to their Evernote notebooks. Others want to get the external URL specificed in the Evernote note. The current design favors the former. However, there is a script that will convert the URL of selected Evernote documents in DEVONthink. Check this out: Evernote Import URL Capture

(Deleted; reporting bugs here is a bad choice.)

This is from Evernote 6.4…
Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 9.35.01 PM.png