URL paths

Is there any way DEVONthink could be made to automatically insert the internet URL into its URL field in the inspector from where a plain/rich text note was taken?

Or just as good, to import web pages directly and have the URL copied directly? (I recall this could have been mentioned as a feature of the Standard Edition.)

As it is, DEVONthink does everything else automatically (date/time file was imported, etc.) but I have to copy the URL manually.

If a browser delivers the URL to take plain/rich note services too, then DEVONthink uses this information. Unfortunately, there’s probably no browser out there doing this.

Yes, point taken. I actually had in mind the Safari PDF browser plugin, which automatically sends the URL to the Finder’s comments when you save the PDF from within it. iView Media Pro, I think, also has a script “import Finder comments.” I would conceivably even consider trying to write these scripts myself if I had a grain of programming ability…

But I realise this is a browser issue as you said. Apropos of smart browsers, I’m sure DEVONagent will have some interesting tricks…

alkan, this is a very interesting problem I’d also like to solve with a work-around until DT Standard arrives.

First, though, I wasn’t aware that the PDF service in the OS (which is manifest in Safari and other print-enable Cocoa apps like Mail) would behave as you’ve described.  I’ve just tested it, and it didn’t work for me…?  No comments were placed in the Finder’s comments field on the creation of the pdf file.  How do you do it?

Pardon - I didn’t make it clear that the plugin was a third-party product, downloadable from Schubertit <http://www.schubert-it.com/pluginpdf/>. It’s a very useful, free plugin that allows PDFs to be viewed from within Safari (I think it’s a better PDF viewer in general than Acrobat Reader or other PDF viewers) - and saved from the plugin (it’s this that is responsible for copying the URL to the Finder’s Comments field). All this is explained at the above address.

That works for PDFs but it’s still quite frustrating having to manually copy every URL of any webpage you save. I fear I must return to Internet Explorer at least for now and use its snapshot function. But - DEVONthink doesn’t yet accept (I don’t think) Explorer’s WAF file format! It’s catch-22 all the way with these endless details.

Hi there,

has this changed in the meantime?

Best Matze

Has what changed?


Has the former status changed, that there is no wa to get the URL “printed” in the PDF DevonThink is clipping from a webpage?

Best, Matze

Not sure how to parse the meaning of the question, but PDFs of web pages made using Safari’s Clip to DEVONthink extension have the page URL inserted in the URL field of that document in the database. As do the Take Rich and Take Plain Note services. Is there something different you’re expecting or seeing? An example would help.

Dear korm,

sorry, I am German and my English is rusty.
I’ve attached a screenshot of a PDF, which has the URL inserted (which is in fact a service by the rp-online.de)
I have to send all the PDFs I clipped with DTPO to someone who has got no DT. Nevertheless he should be able to recall the URL of that PDF-document.
I don’t know, if this, what I called “printing to the PDF-doc” is provided by browsers or if it is a possible DT-feature.

It would be nice to know, that DT might do that in the future.

Best, Matze
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Most browsers (at least Safari or DEVONagent Pro) support footers/headers including the URL on demand.

Sorry for the late reply.

I use OmniWeb as my standard browser and I haven’t discovered any footers or headers so far.

This is the OmniWeb print dialog (English version). The settings are in the middle of the page that opens when you select OmniWeb > File > Print

(BTW, OmniWeb as a product is dying – it barely works on Mavericks; crashing after a few seconds.)