url scheme enhancements?

Where can I find some more detailled informations regarding the new url functionalities?

blog.devontechnologies.com/2017/ … to-go-217/

You can download a copy of the manual here: devontechnologies.com/downlo … nuals.html

It’s also in the built-in Help.

Thank you!

Just a question to the “get-itemlink”
Is it possible to get the link to document & page?
Or is it just the link to the document?

It also adds an &page for PDFs when the page number is not 0.

is there any more detailled description regarding the usage of get-itemlink ? maybe an example?

is there any workflow.app specialist who could help & explain a bit more?

it seems to be impossible to me to create a workflow, using the get-itemlink to retrieve the link to the current page of current document. I was doing trial&error for hours and hours :frowning:
Missing an example on how to use an x-callback from devonthink within workflow.app

who could help to get the link to the current page in current document in a workflow that creates a 2do item?

at the moment I have a 2step workflow: first I am using “share / copy link” and second “share / run workflow” this workflow uses the clipboard an creates a 2do item. But I would like to do it in on step

You will need two workflows. In the first workflow you need to create the x-callback-url to get the Devonthink link and in the second workflow you will need to capture the DevonThink link as a variable and then process it to create your 2Do action.

The URL for the first workflow is:


The last part of the URL scheme ‘2Do%253A%2520DTTG%2520link’ is the name of my 2Do workflow that processes the DevonThink link. It is double URL encoded. In other words the actual name of the workflow is ‘2Do: DTTG link’, this has been URL encoded once to ‘2Do%3A%20DTTG%20link’ then URL encoded a second time to ‘2Do%253A%2520DTTG%2520link’. Every time you nest an x-success in a URL scheme you need to URL encode that component as many times as it is nested (hope this makes sense). The workflow is below:


The second workflow simply uses the input passed to it (the DevonThink link) and stores that as a variable to be used in the action component of Workflows inbuilt 2Do workflow:


Even with your workflows I don’t get the page in the PDF.

Sometimes the first time a workflow that triggers a URL scheme is run it doesn’t work (not sure why). I don’t know if you have tried it twice. The workflows work fine for me

So you get the &page Information and the PDF opens at the last seen page? If I try your workflow the PDF only open at the first page.

Yes I double checked - the devonthink item link shows the page number and it opens at the correct page


Thank you

The link to the selected page works for me :slight_smile:
I am added a link back to devonthink at the end of your second workflow. Just to go back instead of open workflow app.

But, do you have an idea why I have to tap on run at your first workflow?
If there is another url inside this workflow it runs directly. If there is the devonthink x-callback I have to press “start”

How to implement an “autostart” ?

Try replacing the ‘Open URL’ action with an ‘Open X-Callback-URL’ action (and leave all the options turned off). That works for me

perfect !

Thank you very much!

Now just a little fine tuning at the 2do workflow inputs and it will be the solution I was looking for :slight_smile:

Thank you for the information. My problem was, that i have used the beta and there is the page Information missing. Switched back to the App Store Version and now it works.

Correct, the latest beta is two fixes behind the App Store release. The next beta will, of course, be again a few fixes ahead of it :slight_smile: