URL scheme with createHTML

I’ve encountered what appear to be two bugs–I could be doing it wrong!–with the createHTML command for the DTTG URL scheme:

  1. The scheme tries to create a bookmark rather than an HTML document.
  2. The scheme appears to ignore the destination parameter.


My use case is adding the Merriam-Webster word of the day directly to a vocabulary group in my Reference database.

Am I doing something wrong? Or are there bugs in the URL scheme?


Where did you see info on this urlScheme?

I found the info on the URL scheme in the appendix to the help for DTTG 2.0.8.

the URL scheme using the “createHTML” method works correctly (with all parameters) in DEVONthink on the desktop – the file is created with the proper content and destination. I don’t believe we can create HTML documents directly in DTTG2, though, which is probably why “createHTML” fails on that platform. I wouldn’t call that a bug – unless errors in documentation are bugs.


A bug is often defined as an “incorrect or unexpected behavior”. As a user, my expectations of the program’s behavior are formed largely by the documentation. I don’t think it’s unfair or inaccurate to call this a bug in DTTG2, since the program’s behavior is other than as documented.

Thank you for testing the URL scheme on macOS.

Currently, the HTML scheme creates a bookmark, indeed. The whole URL scheme behavior will change in a future version of DTTG and include also the ability to directly create HTML records.

That’s good to know. Thanks!