URL / webloc causes repeatable crash in DT

URL: Bethlehem Steel Flood Simulation with Cesium for Unreal – Cesium

I bookmarked that link in Safari and later imported it as a webloc into DT.
Opening it in the DT browser causes the beachball, requiring Force Quit.

I can provide the webloc if the URL itself doesn’t cause the problem.
This is 100% repro for me on MacOS 11.3.1 with DT 3.7.2.

Edit: it happens with another link on that page as well, perhaps all pages on that site


I can reproduce it as well. Tried both with the Firefox browser plugin and the Sorter.

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An issue of the WebKit of macOS unfortunately. Only workaround would be to disable JavaScript but I doubt that this website works without.

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