URLs embedded in emails from Apple Mail archived in DT not clickable?

I’ve been playing around with using Apple Mail again recently, particularly as I like the concept of saving emails in DT. I’ve previously archived emails as PDFs, but I realized dragging and dropping from Mail is easier and consumes less space. In any case, many of these emails have embedded URL links in them—but when I click on them in DT (3.6.1, not the Pro version), nothing seems to happen. I can’t do anything if I right click these URLs either: DT recognizes they are there, and if I mouse over them, a little gray dropdown menu pops up, but nothing happens if I select that either.

Any suggested workarounds here? When I searched the forum, I discovered the same topic was addressed a decade ago, but the original poster determined that the embedded URLs were corrupted, which is not true in my case, since these links are quite clickable in Mail. Thanks.

I can confirm that behaviour when I view E-Mail as “Best Alternative”, marked blue in the image below. If you select “Text Alternative” (the next symbol to the right), you’ll probably find URLs work.

Screenshot 2020-12-15 at 19.48.46

Why that should be the case, I don’t know - I actually only ever use “Text Alternative”, so hadn’t even noticed the problem to date :smiley:

Thanks for that suggestion, Blanc. However, those options, which I am familiar with from looking at, say, Word documents, are greyed out when I try to switch between them while viewing an email.

Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 14.04.33

Ar. I’m sorry to have pointed out the useless obvious in that case :confused: I wonder if this has anything to do with your not having the Pro version? What format are the mails saved in? Mine are all “Email Message”, so .eml

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Yes, what edition are you running?

That one, says the OP


Emails aren’t supported in the Standard edition, so it’s not possible to switch to a different display mode for them.

Thanks for clarifying. Am I correct in thinking that if I upgrade to Pro, links within emails will be clickable, since emails are supported?

Yes and the content of emails will be indexed and searchable too. Currently you’re adding emails but won’t be able to search them in the Standard edition.

Okay, hadn’t realized that. Thanks for explaining, BLUEFROG—although I used the Pro edition of DT 2, I didn’t go Pro when I upgraded to 3, for reasons I now forget.

And thanks for the pointers Blanc.

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you’re most welcome :slight_smile:

You’re welcome and yes, the Pro edition is definitely worth the investment. :slight_smile:

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Hey CWC…so you’re good? I saw your email earlier today and just signed in. Haven’t used DT in about 10 years. I see Bluefrog responded. He’s a great guy. Let me know if you’re good.



I’m good! Thanks for checking in!


I use eml files all the time and would add that if you want to use them on ios with DTTG then the only app I found to work is AltaMail. I can share the eml file from DTTG and forward or reply to the email from there. Unfortunately AltaMail is a subscription, but at $10 per year, I find that acceptable and the service/support is great. Not many clients support multifactor with Office 365.

You could create a shortcut in Apple’s Shortcuts.app:

  • accepts URLs
  • split input at in-reply-to=
  • get object 2
  • create a URL by combining message:// and previous step’s result
  • open URL

Add the shortcut to your share sheet and you can forward or reply to a mail without AltaMail.

Or am I missing something?

@pete31 Thanks for that tip. It got it to work with a coupon type email sent to my gmail account, but it did not work when the eml file was from Office 365 Exchange, with and without an attachment.

I also need the other direction which is sending email on ios to DTTG. The Apple Mail app does not have the Share Sheet option.

I enjoyed trying this out and learned something new, so thanks again for sharing.

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I’m having this exact problem. Links aren’t clickable in “Best Alternative” mode, but they work fine when opening the .eml in Mail or using the “Text Alternative” mode. Links are recognized in “Best Alternative” (the little gray triangle e.g. appears). This is on DT Pro 3.7.2 - any ideas @BlueFrog?

This mode (and its features) is based on Quick Look and not customizable.