URLs not found in Markdown docs

I did look at the scripts and started playing. I didn’t want to copy and paste a solution, because I feel like I need to understand it myself. So I got the custom metadata setup and working. My question now is, do I have to run this every time I update a document? Should I change ‘On Demand’ to ‘After Saving’ - is that the best option?

That reminded me of things like InDesign, where you can search on text as well as metadata (fonts, styles, etc) separately.

If you set the Smart Rule trigger “After saving” it updates it automatically. That’s the idea of Smart Rules :slight_smile:

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This is a really useful solution for doing certain searches on markdown documents that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

Based on the custom metadata field updated with MD contents through the smart rule, I was able to set up a smart group for Markdown items that contain a specific type of cross-link.