URLs of item links in duplicated databases

I am planning to split a database. Will item links (x-devonthink-item://) be changed, so that existing connections among items are lost? Or will items retain their URL, so that they won’t be unique any longer?

If they retained the URL, wouldn’t they still be unique?

If you use File > Export > Files and Folders, the items will get new UUIDs when you import them.
If you drag and drop or use right-click > Move > …, the UUIDs should be preserved.

That being said, I do not advocate huge moves via these methods. Give your machine a break and do it in smaller chunks, instead of trying to do one massive move.

I meant to duplicate the .dtBase2 file, and later delete files in one or the other duplicated database. By grouping files in two folders beforehand, I would make sure that no files are left repeated.

However, I wonder if other parts of the app advise against this approach. For instance, if Inbox has the same URL in both copies, it would be a problem to link it from outside of the app.

But exporting the items will break the links I’ve placed inside the body of notes. Actually not too many, but difficult to find now.

I had forgotten that I can move files from one database to another, as you point out. Thanks.

Still, is it ok to duplicate a bare database? I keep a barely customized one for not starting anew.

No, it’s not okay. Please read this: blog.devontechnologies.com/2014/ … m-scratch/

Good to know, thanks.

You’re welcome.