Usage History

I would like the capability to be able to click on a history button to see the last few documents that I have looked at, as opposed to documents that have been modified. I mainly use 3 pane view and it would be great if I could quickly bring up a window with a clickable list of such items. Any chance of this being considered for implementation in some future update please? Cheers.

This will mostly do what you want. The biggest downside is that you cannot sort the list to view the documents in the order that they were viewed, as that field is not available to add to the column view. You also cannot limit the list to the last xx number of documents, or add a timeframe less than one day.

Thank you Greg, I can see the value in your suggestion but it is not really the answer that I am looking for and does, as you say, have its downsides. If, however, there was a button or even a menu command that brought up a list then that would be really useful and convenient. But thanks again for your suggestion.

I can see why this might be useful, but it might also be a case of “be careful what you ask for”. The rule “show me what I recently looked at” can get wicked because “looked at” cannot be programmed – at least not until the holographic version of DEVONthink 12 is released. :unamused: IOW, you’ll likely get so many false positives (from the aspicientric perspective) by merely touching a file or group name.