Use Cases with DT

Use Case
I use various tools for organizing my files, writing, managing and getting things done.

Do any of you use Devonthink allrounder for everything?

What are your use cases/ workflow, etc. with DT?

Workflow - Process Inbox records

I use an applescript to assist with formatting the title, assigning tags, etc
and moving the note to the filing database
The script creates a calendar event is created for event notes

The structure I use for note title is
subject-date type [details] keywords
Keywords are a copy of the assigned tags
I also append the $ amount for receipts
2021-09-10 Receipt [Groceries] ?Vendor-Walmart !Budget:Food $-50.75
2021-09-15 Task [Fix Code Error] !Project-EvernoteConversion

Tag assignment starts with note type, for example !Type-Receipt
The type drives additional tags, for example
. Receipts have tags for Vendor and Budget
. Tasks have tags for Project

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I don’t follow GTD so I can’t respond on that aspect.
I work in DEVONthink every day: organizing, writing, etc. in it. However, there will always be ancillary tools involved.

While I write in DEVONthink all the time - and not just for support - I do have a secondary text editor I like - CotEditor. Obviously for any image work I use the proper tools. And I have a bunch of other apps I use for testing with DEVONthink.

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Workflow - Getting Things Done

I handle simple task management within Devonthink
A note is created for each task
. Labeled for status (Pending, Active, Completed, …)
. Optional due date stored in a metadata field
Notes are also created for projects and goals
Tasks/Projects are linked with a project-aaaaaa tag

I set up smart groups for active goals, projects, tasks

I generate a daily task list using an applescript to export my task info to a spreadsheet - tasks are listed in a gantt chart view

For project reviews, I have an applescript generating a Table-of-Contents note for the project
Tasks are listed in sections for Pending, Active, Completed, …
and sections for project notes etc

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