Use DEVONthink more productively

I do research for a technical writer, her field is semiconducting egineering. We use DEVONthink and I put a link to the abstracts in a database for her. She is experiencing a terrible back log getting through the links I put in a database. We are looking for suggestions on how I can assist her in sending info that she is able to get through quicker. I am convinced there is a way to give her the info and help her determine if she needs to open the link to the full document or not. She mentioned a word cloud, but I can’t see that helping. Does anyone have a suggestion we can implement? Anyone else have a similar problem/issue and they have found a work around? Looking for any assistance. TIA

You could create a combined PDF with all of the abstracts; it is easier to browse through that than to open individual documents each with 1 abstract.

She is experiencing a terrible back log getting through the links I put in a database.

It is unclear what you’re describing here and how she is accessing the database. Are you syncing a database between your respective machines?

Thank you! I will suggest that and see what she thinks.

I create a database in DEVONthink and then send her a zipped file via dropbox. She opens it in DEVONthink on her end. Make sense?

Syncing a database between your two computers would be so much easier.

Or use the recently improved web server features and have her access the data via web.

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It makes sense, but it’s definitely not the most efficient method.

As @rkaplan noted, syncing the databases would be easier, however you’d need to be using a shared Dropbox account, i.e., using the same credentials for the Dropbox account.

From what you’ve described, it would be even easier would be to put items in a Dropbox folder and share that folder with her in Dropbox. You can index that folder in the Finder in your own DEVONthink database, and she could do the same with her local Dropbox folder.