Use DevonThink To Go on TWO iOS devices?

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I am successfully using DevonThink on my Mac and iPhone, and syncing via WiFi (bonjour).

I’d like to also sync my databases to an iPad. I don’t recall whether that was allowed or advisable. I assume the sync would be Mac <–> iPhone and Mac <–> iPad, never iPhone <–> iPad.

Is syncing between Mac and two separate iOS devices supported?

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Yes, only one device should be the Bonjour server, so given your situation the above is correct. You can add multiple devices to sync via Bonjour. I have an iPad as the Bonjour server, and I sync a Mac, an iPhone, and another iPad to that.

While this is technically feasible, the scenario @Greg_Jones described is the most common one, it would be uncommon.

Sorry, I’m a bit confused. @Greg_Jones isn’t suggesting the iPad should be the Bonjour server?

Apparently I am too! :slight_smile:
I misread Greg’s post (and still am not used to him being primarly an iOS user, though it’s been awhile!)

I amended my post and… If a Mac is involved, it’s most commonly acting as the Bonjour server with other devices connecting to it.


Just as an example, I have an iMac as my “master”, and I have five devices syncing via CloudKit, a MacBook, three iPads and an iPhone. No issues.

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How large are the databases being synced?

I’m curious about syncing via Bonjour vs iCloud
Bonjour locks me into my home network and the Mac has to be active
ICloud locks me into the internet, but it’s mobile
With mobile devices, I want my syncing also to be mobile

I do both so that, unlike you, I don’t have to choose.

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