Use DTP as a Password database?

Whoa, can this be explained in detail? I am entrusting loads of sensitive data to DT desktop and mobile, synced via Dropbox, having understood that the remote data is encrypted. I also have a username/password on these sensitive databases and don’t allow Spotlight indexing. Does this mean my data is NOT encrypted?

Also, I just created a test, encrypted DB on DT desktop, synced it via Dropbox to mobile, and I can see the test text on mobile.

@BLUEFROG Could you kindly explain further and clarify?


having understood that the remote data is encrypted.

If you are using an optional encryption key when using our sync with Dropbox, yes the sync data is encrypted in your Dropbox account.

In DEVONthink, adding a username and password in File > Database Properties does NOT encrypt anything, and never has. When that database is synced to DEVONthink To Go, the credentials are required to import the database, but it also does not encrypt the database.

Encryption of the databases in DTTG is handled under Apple’s mechanism, where locking the device encrypts the data and unlocking the device decrypts it for use. We added Settings > Security to allow for a passcode or TouchID / FaceID to be used to unlock the app.

Great, thanks @BLUEFROG that’s reassuring and is consistent with what I understood from before. Phew.

No problem :slight_smile: