Use existing standalone document as annotation to another existing document


Is it possible to use an existing document as an annotation to another existing document?

Let’s say I am at work where I do not have access to DevonThink on the work computer. I’m reading a PDF/Word file which sets out a framework how to work (the “Framework Document”). This Framework Document is already imported in my DevonThink.

I have several comments/reminders for this Framework Document and will type these in a separate WORD-file on the work computer (the “Annotation Document”). Once I’m home I will import this Annotation Document into my Devonthink. How do I add this Annotation Document as an annotation to the Framework Document if I did not initially created this Annotation Document as an annotation?

Thanks for the help!

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If it’s a valid annotation type (plain/rich text or Markdown), then you could copy the item link of the annotation document to the URL of the main document.

Alternatively just insert the contents of the annotation in the Annotations & Reminder inspector.

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Thank you so much!