use export script for russian fonts - which encoding?

I have a database with PDFs whose titles are mostly in Russian. They display well in DTPO itself, but the encoding gets lost when I export metadata with the script “Customizable Metadata Export” (from the depository “more scripts”) and open the .csv file in Excel.

I understand that it is Excel itself no recognising the encoding. The file opens without problems in numbers. I tried to set the encoding in Excel’s import-manager manually, but to no avail. Neither UTF-8 nor “Russian” nor “Cyrillic” give the correct results.

Does anyone have an idea which encoding is used internally in DTPO, and how this translates to the resulting .csv files?

(in an extension to this question: I do not understand how to customize this script, as the title suggests this should be possible. I can’t find any options in the dialog of the script.)

Not having time to modify the script this morning, I’ll just mention:

Customization – open the script in Script Editor, change the properties’ true/false state (see the image) to what you want to export, compile, and save the script.

Thanks, korm! These are the options I was looking for. Great.

encoding problems still open, Russian users please help if you encountered the same problem?

You may be able to solve it in the Excel import process, see

Someone else posted a similar question (russian characters in URLs). I’ve just made some changes to the script for my own purposes (added export of location and path). I can look into this as well providing I have a test data set. If you could share a link to a file with test data with me I’ll see if I can figure it out.

Thanks, Sander! Changing the encoding options in Excel’s import was what I tried before already, but it did not solve the problem.
As to your offer to have a look into the script itself, this is very generous and maybe I could in fact send you same test data. But we have changed the workflow in the meantime and currently the problem is not really urgent. Should it arise again, I would get in contact with you with great pleasure!

Had no clue that your question was this old…

Posted an updated version of the script here:
[url]Updated Customizable Metadata Export Script (UTF16LE)]

Wow! Great!

I’ll check this out!

I took it one step further and added the URL decoding, same link, second message:
[url]Updated Customizable Metadata Export Script (UTF16LE)]