use multiple databases simulaneously

Is there any plan to allow more than one Database to be open in DTP simulatneously? If so, when can we expect this feature?

See my other response - this will be part of v2 (which will be also able to handle much more data).

I get around this issue by running two separate copies of DT on my machine (non-intel iMac G5) and find that this works well. My databases are 500 and 900 Mb in size. The only problem I have is that each copy uses the same sets of defaults and when I launch the second copy of DT it always tries to open the same database that’s already open, so I always have to manually select the second database to open. Would love to be able to have each copy open a separate database automatically but I don’t currently have a way to do this.

Until v2 comes out… how do you move entries from one database to another?

Right now, I’m dragging from DTP to the Desktop, opening a different database, then dragging back in. That just seems… wrong.

As long as you don’t want to split a database, that’s probably the easiest solution at the moment.

Using File > Export > Files and Folders… (option-command-E) will preserve certain DEVONthink metadata associated with exported entries (e.g. URLs, labels) in DEVONtech_storage files. See the Export Files & Folders thread (and others) for more explanation.

Where is this post located?

Also, I’m sure you’ve been asked this so many times (maybe even by me, but it’s been a long week :confused: ), but when is version 2 coming out? very soon? Somewhat soon? Before Christmas?

I’m eager for the ability to have multiple databases open at a time…



V2 won’t arrive before the end of autumn or winter.