Use of DTTG on multiple machine

I just saw the new DTTG 3 and of course, I’ll buy it :wink:
But, just a question:
I have an old iPad 2, a more recent one (6th generation) and an iphone 5S (limited to IOS 12)
Will’it be possible to use DTTG 2 on the iPad 2 and the iPhone 5S and DTTG 3 on the newer iPad ?
What about the synchronisation with my Mac Book Air with DT 3 ?
Thanks in advance

This should be possible if you use a sync location which is supported by all versions, e.g. Dropbox, WebDAV, iCloudy (Legacy) or Bonjour.

It will thus not work with the new iCloud sync based on CloudKit ?

CloudKit sync is a DEVONthink To Go 3 and DEVONthink 3 feature. It will not run on iOS 12 or earlier.

OK, thanks, it’s clear

One more time … :wink:
is it possible to use

  • iCloud CloudKit for some databases
  • and iCloud Legacy for the others …
    When I look to Preferences it seems to be possible but ???
    Thanks in advance

Yes. Did it not work when you tried?

Thanks for your help.
I just preferred to ask it before to try it …
A new Sync may be a dangerous operation :wink: