Use of sheets and how to share them

I used the internal “sheets” to create a table of data I then wanted to share with a co-worker. With excel this is as simple as a copy/paste operation into an e-mail. I couldn’t figure out with DT sheets how to do this. Best I found was 1) File -> Export Document 2) Open the .tsv file in Excel or Numbers 3) copy/paste

Is there a better way?

Does your co-worker use Excel or DEVONthink? In that case you could drag & drop the sheet to Apple Mail’s Dock icon to attach it to a new email. Or use “Send by email” (see contextual menu).

That does work, it attaches it as a .tsv file… I guess I was just looking for a way to copy and paste the contents in a way that is usable for inline rather than an attachment. When I try that it only grabs that cell data (not the headers) and is in a pretty hard to read format.

What are you referring to?