Use of tabs - HowTo?

Hi everyone,
I’m revisiting the use of tabs. I’m a heavy user of browser tabs - most of the time too heavy.

What are the capabilities of DEVONthink as far as using tabs is concerned? (did search, and found Bernardo’s most interesting scripts, but want to gain insight first)

  1. I tend to regularly need the Smart Groups > Today view (to find a recently imported file and move it to its desired location) When doing repetitive work, I then open a 2nd DEVONthink window to easily get to this. => Could this be done in a 2nd tab instead of a 2nd window?

  2. Doing a search, will e.g. multiple results => Can “any” result be opened in a 2nd tab? Could this be made into a context menu?

  3. I have searched the DEVONthink settings briefly, and found General > Interface tab > Enable tabbed browsing > sub/Always show tab bar
    I have enabled this sub-item “Always show tab bar”, but this only seems to apply to the “Preview Pane”

Thanks for helping and / or pointing in the right direction!

DEVONthink supports only preview/document tabs, not tabs for complete windows. See e.g. Data > Open In Tabs (shortcut Cmd-Opt-O) while holding the Option modifier key. This command is also available in contextual menus.

Hi Chrisian,

Thanks for hopping in!
I was not aware of the Data > Open in Tabs (Cmd-Opt-O) option, thanks for that. Will check this out.

Is there any reason / philosophy not to allow it / do it? (from DEVONtechnologies point)
If not, would it be possible to do this in a future release?
Personally I think this would be interesting for working between different databases.
Not sure if Workspaces can be of help here…

Well, basically because two different kinds of tabs gets confusing.

I hear you @ipanini and I strongly plea for changing the tab philosophy to the way it works in the finder and in all other apps. At this very moment I am typing ⌘-D to get an exact copy of this window in a new tab, because I wanted to look up the post I wrote over a year ago. It is called Tabs like finder. DevonThink has so many options (too many probably), so just give us the option to get tabs like we want it.

“us”? For me, DT behaves like most other apps: one tab, one document. The Finder is not different (one tab, one “document”), but its documents are folders. And you can, of course, display folders in different ways. Which is difficult for a single MD document (for example).

Also, your statement that “tabs basically contain an instance of the app” (in the other thread) is plain wrong, at least for browsers. Tabs are sandboxed against the app, and for good reasons. And they only give you a single view of a single document. Putting windows in tabs is (for me, not for “us”) mixing the metaphors. Why not use differently setup windows side by side?

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