Use tags as groups in a open database?

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First of all thanks to any developer who sees this. First time poster here and a DEVONthink user since the start of this year - have changed my life in a way. Thanks!

To my topic. Have seen some examples of peoples databases where tags appear as groups in an open database. Have searched on this forum and looked in the app but remains clueless how to get this to work.

Are there any one that understand what i mean and have the time to send me in the right direction?

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I believb you are referring to group tags, which are actually still groups. This is enabled by unchecking File > Database Properties > Exclude groups from tagging.

Read more about this in the Getting Started > Tagging section of the help and manual.

Many thanks @BLUEFROG,

Your are most likely correct. Maybe my understanding of this feature needs to be better - i will look at it and see if it is what my mind think it is.

This screenshot is from David Sparks DEVONthink field guide.

As i said i need to take more of a deep dive in to this feature and many more features in your app. Thanks for a link to the manual.

Thanks again!

You’re welcome and indeed that is showing group tags.

Yes, please read the Getting Started chapter at a minimum as it covers the broad overview and philosophy of DEVONthink. Group tags, like indexing, are made for specific approaches, therefore not default by behavior.