User Contributions


Although I love DT and use it regularly, I’m currently far less creative than I’d like and use only a small subset of DT’s feature-set.

I think it would greatly add to the forum’s utility if we could post either samples of how we use DT or short tutorials on how we integrated or used the app.

For example, some use it for archiving images, some for notes, some for archiving web page content etc. I’ve read more complex (and useful) examples as well.

Something like this would help newer users and attract additional users to the app.

Just a suggestion.


I agree. A section called "Usage Scenarios" (or similar) would be very helpful to me also.

I’m sure I’m not using DT to its potential and I’d like to hear how others are using it.


I’m not sure if I got it - do you want a new specific board especially dedicated to “usage scenarios”?

Yes, Christian. That’s what I meant – a separate section of the Forum dedicated to How People Use DevonThink.

If you get real motivated – you could "kick it off" by explaining how you use it!


New board is available right now  ;D Maybe I’ll “kick it off” tomorrow or this weekend.