User forum acting weird: topics "unread"

Anyone else notice that this User Forum BBS is forgetting which topic threads have already been read?


I’ve noticed this from time to time (but that’s definitely a bug I can’t fix :wink:)

Yep, happened again a couple times today.  When only topics I’ve already read are remarked unread I click Mark Topics as Read to that “fix” that subforum.

When things work properly it’s nice being able to read topics in any order and have others stay marked unread between sessions; even nicer if it were possible for individual posts.  I really hope that type of functionality is available with whatever forum software this eventually migrates to.  Nearly every forum I use makes it inconvenient or impossible to reliably track and conveniently browse unread posts/topics across sessions.  I’ve written about that here and here.

A months ago I discovered the Simple Machine Community Forum and SMF software.  From what little I’ve read there it seems to be some sort of “next generation” YaBB, or at least has attracted quite a few former YaBB users.  If nothing else, it’s worth a quick visit just to see the familiar icons… :slight_smile: