User interaction when scanning

Hi there,
We are scanning last 6 years of sales into DT Pro. It is always 2-5 papers, letter size. Scanning goes relatively quickly, however pressing OK is driving me nuts. After every scan software performs OCR, gives a file name and user has to press OK to accept it before it goes to INBOX.
Problem is that scanning goes much faster so after I am all done with scanning I still have to sit by the computer to press OK on every scan from the list. It takes several minutes for every document to be OCR’d. Yesterday I stayed more than 2.5 hours longer to clear out all the scans.
Is there any way to circumvent this and let Mac do it’s job by itself?


I think you need to change the metadata option in the preferences panel for OCR

Go to the preferences menu under devonthink in the upper left and select the OCR tab. There is an option that is checked by default to enter metadata for incoming scans. Notice that it has a warning right there that checking the box will prevent unattended scanning. Unchecked it.


YES this is it! Thank you so much, it is much easier now. It is actually line saying SEARCHABLE PDF - SET ATTRIBUTES

now Mac is processing scans by itself :smiley: