User Manual version


Thanks for the update to 1.7.4. :slight_smile:

The user manual however is still at 1.7.2.

Are there operational differences or are most changes under the hood?

Just downloaded the manuals - version 1.7.4 as expected?!?

Most interesting features are

  • the WebKit integration (to display HTML pages or bookmarks)
  • a French localization
  • column views are finally usable again

Wow, strange…

I must have had an older version in the folder with the newer one. :-/ ???

Sorry for the trouble.

/me bangs head against desk

Happy Holidays :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

No big deal :slight_smile: And Merry Christmas to you and everybody else!

Hello everyone,

I am new to Devonthink and I am still using the trial version. I work as a translator and Devonthink will be very useful (once I learn to use it!) for archiving all the documentation I collect for my work.

I read in the manual for version 1.7.4 that there is a french localization. Is it the manual or the software that was localized? because even though I understand english well, all my other apps are in french, therefore it would be less confusing to have Devon in french also. what is the link for the french version?

thank you!

Only the application has been localized so far (and the archive contains all localizations - currently English, German and French). Maybe localized manuals will come in the second half of 2004.