user manual

i just ran throgh the complete user manual and i am a little bit disappointed (just like one of the eviewers on the version tracker site). its full of “germanisms”, typos and inconsitencies. often the obvious is explained in detail; whilst tricky issues aren’t addressed.
in one sentence a replicant is called an “incarnation of a document”, 2 lines down it is called “not a real document”, the term “real documents” is used for DT-items, whereas “really real” documents (.doc., .pdf etc.) are just called documents. 3 ways to store data are mentioned: linking, copying files into a folder in DT or copying files directly into DT; indexing is mentioned a couple of pages later and nowhere do i find hints on which type of storage to use, or how much space is used up by using one or the other type of storage. using the terms “files and folders” instead of “documents and groups” would also be a bit more mainstream; esp. when it comes to phrases like “grouping groups…”, “grouping folders” sounds better…

will the next update of the manual be written or at least checked by a “native speaker” and crosschecked by some “ordinary users” like me? i understand that you DT-people know DT very well and therefore don’t always see problems where an average user would.

otherwise DT is excellent and i really like it, just that darn documentation…

Yes, the next generation of the manual will be a complete rewrite and will be re-edited by a native speaker. We’ll keep updating the current manual until the new documentation is final, though. But it’s in the works.