User Monitoring and Data Privacy/Tapping by Devon Apps

Why does the DevonThink need to report information to Quantserve at startup ?

Every time any DevonThink program starts it sends data to Quantserve on two URLs and which are media tracking and analysis like CarrierIQ.

Why are are you attempting to monitor applications on my computer by ‘phoning home’ and stealing my personal information such as where I’m located, what time I’m using the application, how many times I’m using this application ?

And what other data are you trying to collect about me ?

I paid for this product, and don’t wish to be monitored by you are anyone else. I don’t agree with the idea that you should have data about my personal life, and usage of your project.

I demand that you remove these tracking features immediately.

I have Little Snitch installed and I never see DEVONthink attempt to connect to these servers. Perhaps you have a bookmark or web archive in your database that has links to these URLs?

Ditto Greg’s response - over here - also monitored with Little Snitch - it is archives and web pages stored in the database that connect to tracking servers. Could also be tracking cookies, banner ads, or any number of things. You might install a trial of Little Snitch, configure it so that DEVONthink has to ask each time it communicates with the Internet, and see what comes up.

Humble apology in order - it’s a web page attempting to load at startup as the currently selected item. I am completely incorrect.

It’s a shame that my default position is to assume I’m being monitoring because many apps do this. Devon does not.

Again, my most humble apologies.

@EthernalMind You were wrong in the case of DevonThink, but many softwares do this and the case of CarrierIQ is just the top of a very large iceberg. So your though process isn’t stupid at all. And that’s what forums are here for…