User name and password in query sets not working

I’m having mixed results in using DA with passwords for websites and I wondered if anyone else has experience they can share that might solve the problem.

My scenario relates to two newspaper sites, both of which I’m subscribed to. Frequently I get back a 302 error and on one newspaper this is accompanied by the “sign in” page. If I access the same site through Safari (ie manually) I’m signed on without any problems. Both sites use cookies and automatic sign on.
I’ve set up the URL on the search tab to include my username and password.

In spite of this I still get errors.

Part of my confusion on this is how the user gets to a deeper level on the newspaper site. You have to start with a stable url and I assume that is the home page for the paper. after that I assume that sections might change, so if my target is the business section my strategy is to go the home page and make my first search term “Business” and then with “follow links” checked and set to the deepest level I make the second term my search term ie Google IPO.

If anyone has any words of wisdom on this subject or experiences they can share I’d love to hear about and I suspect it would be useful for the community since scheduled searches would appear to be where DA and DT really come into their own.


Richard Bullen

I haven’t used it in a while but DA never worked with passwords for me (One reason I stopped using it). I thought it was a keychain issue but, IIRC, I was told it was an autofill issue.

Not sure if it was me or DA.

DEVONagent is only able to support sites which use standard user/password login (an information which can be also encoded in the URL) but not able to support those using sign-in forms and cookies (as there is an endless number of different sign-in pages & forms and as DA is basically downloading & parsing HTML code but not handling forms, executing scripts or rendering pages).