"User Name" when opening database

I copy my database to my MacBook when travelling. When attempting to open the database on the laptop the offered “User Name” is the one from the MacBook. In order to get in I must always alter the user name to the one I use on my home-based iMac. Why is this? It would seem more sensible to be able to choose a database user name which then remains attached, irrespective of which computer is being used. Maybe there is something easy I can do to change this, but I haven’t discovered it.

I believe that situation only arises if the database is password-protected, as User name is part of the password protection.

One of the reasons I don’t use passwords. If necessary for security purposes I store the database inside an encrypted disk image, realizing that if I forget the password, my data is gone forever.

Yes, Bill, my database is password protected and you are quite right. However, I do think something should be done about this since it seems to be an anomaly. I cannot see any benefit in the username being the computer account name. It would be much simpler if, when setting up password protection, it were possible to select a username of choice which would then stick to the database. This is essentially what happens in other programs, particularly accounts packages such as Money, Quicken and Moneydance. I move my Moneydance data file between computers and the login information does not change.