When opening a password-protected database, does the username always have to default to the short name (name of the Home folder) of the Mac?

I would like for the username to differ from the name of the Home folder, but every time I open the database, it defaults back and auto-enters the short name. This requires me to delete and enter a different username each time I open the database.

Could the username auto-default to the username created by the user in the database properties window rather than the name of the Home folder of the Mac?

If it defaulted to the one in the database properties, anyone would be halfway to opening it.

This would be up to development to decide.

As an example, let’s say the name of the Home folder on my Mac is richardljones, yet I would like the username of a particular DT database to be shorter and just be jones. Whenever I open the database, a window pops up with the following:

user: richardljones

It would be preferable to just have it pop up with the username being blank rather than having to delete richardljones and enter the appropriate username for each database every time. Seems that there is no reason to default it to the Mac account name.

Your user account name is retained by OS X as part of the path to items located within your user account. It has nothing to do with the name of the database, especially if you choose a different name displayed via the option in Database Properties. OS X allows multiple user accounts on a Mac, so that path reference is important, and it is retained even if you do change the name in Database Properties.

Each user account on a computer has its own Desktop, Documents, Pictures, etc. folders.

What purpose would be served by the change you request? I’m puzzled by that.

I have two different Macs (work, home), and they were (unfortunately) set up with different user account names. At work, the account name is richardljones. At home, the account name is richard.

I was assuming that the username/password has to be the same for a synced database. Say I have a synced database named Papers. At work, I add a username and password to the Papers database:

user: richardljones
password: devon

At home, I go to open the same synced Papers database. Do I need to use the same username and password as set up on work computer? Or, would the username be richard (name of user account on home computer) and password be devon?

Do synced databases have different local usernames and passwords or are they the same across different synced computers? How does this affect the encryption strategy of data/metadata stored in Dropbox or a WebDAV server? My understanding was that the password acted as a key to decrypt the data stored on Dropbox or a WebDAV server.

Sorry if I’m not explaining well.

The username belongs to the database regardless of its location, even when Syncing.

One would think this would be the case. However, I have a home computer and a work computer syncing the same password-protected database via WebDAV.

When I open the database at home, there is a different username in database properties compared to when I open the same synced database on the work computer.

Why is there not consistency in the database username for two computers which are syncing the same database? Why is the username not also synced?

If you have different user accounts on the two computers, Mac OS X will act as you describe.

The Sync procedure must work properly with OS X conventions in syncing between the two computers, else Sharing & Permissions access errors would result.

I have the same issue.
Two computers accessing the same database. Different OSX user account names. This means I always have to change the default username on one of them when launching the database.

Could the default username be stored in the database or in the Application pref file?

Grabbing the default username from the OSX user account sounds like a good idea, but it works better as a last resort. The default username should be selected in the following order:

  1. Saved Preference for database (if exists)
  2. Saved Preference for Application (if exists)
  3. Last used (if exists)
  4. OSX account short name

Better yet, tie the database login into 1Password. Or OSX keychain. :smiley:

Thanks -Stan

I have same issue. 2 computers accessing the same DB. OSX account username is different on each computer. (isn’t is always? :slight_smile: Therefore the default username set to OSX account username becomes a hinderance 50% of the time.