Using 2 databases at the same time?

I know that in 2.0, you will be able to use two databases and that currently it is not supported, however, I live two lifes. A professional life and a personal life. I have two major databases that I am finding myself using all the time. It has become a real pain to keep opening the other database (the one I always need is never the one I have open).

1.x does not support multiple databases but I found a way that seems to be working for a small cost. I can create a copy of the application DEVONthink Pro. I named mine DEVONthink - Personal. I can even change the icon for that copy. Now, when tabbing through my apps, I see the normal DEVONthink Pro icon, it has my professional database open. I then see my personal icon (a person) that has my personal database open.

This method seems to be working just fine. Does anyone have any reason I shouldn’t be doing this? I’d hate to trash both of my databases!


This might work but at least the behaviour of scripts, widgets, workflows, services, bookmarklets and of adding contents from DEVONagent is undefined - the system might use the first or second copy.

In addition, both copies use the same preferences which might cause minor glitches.

I’ve been doing this for quite a while now without any major problems. You do need to be careful about adding files via the scripts though to make sure it goes where you want but I mostly use drag and drop for that anyway.

Just a caution that, as Christian mentioned, services and scripts can behave in unpredictable ways.

Transfers from DEVONagent may be unpredictable.

For heavy-duty captures using a variety of modes including Services, scripts and DEVONagent I couldn’t trust this. For limited use of DT Pro’s capabilities, and with caution, one could get by without problems – probably.