Using a Tinderbox document as Template

I use Tinderbox for all sorts of similar things for different projects. I thought it would be handy to create some template Tinderbox documents in DT. The problem I’m running into is that when I select, for example, Data->New from Template->Project Log.tbx the file that is created is not recognized as a Tinderbox document, but rather plain text. The created file ends in .txt as well, making it difficult to use Open With Application.

Tinderbox files are just XML files but shouldn’t the file extension be preserved?

I created a simple Tinderbox file with a few canned prototypes and saved it to ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Templates.nodindex/Office with a .tbx extension. Clicked on Data > New From Template > Update Templates Menu. Then clicked on Data > New From Template > Office > mytinderbox.tbx

Was created in DTPO as “tbx” kind, and opens correctly in Tinderbox. In the package for this DTPO database the file is indeed stored as .tbx

Are you using Tinderbox 5.6, and have you checked that files of kind .tbx are associated with Tinderbox in Finder? If you recall, there was an issue earlier this year when Twig was introduced that file associations were confused.

I’m running into the same issue as jbaty. I put a Tinderbox file under the DT templates folder. When accessing the template, I get a new file created in DTPO. However, what gets lost is the association (tbx) to tinderbox. From a template file template.tbx, DTPO creates a file templet-1.txt
I also checked the finder association (tbx=tinderbox) and it’s properly set.

Any ideas are welcome.

Exact same problem here. I noticed that unlike other templates in the DTPO templates folder, the Tinderbox template was displayed without extension and without icon. Checking “Get info” in the Finder showed that “Hide extension” was checked.
Curiously though, unchecking this box and updating DTPO’s template menu did not make the problem disappear :frowning: