Using Acrobat Pro engine for OCR

I’m scanning a lot of Japanese documents from my ScanSnap directly into DTPO2. DTPO2 has a very nice OCR features built in, but unfortunately it does not support Japanese, which is a show stopper.

I have a licenced copy of Acrobat 9, which does Japanese OCR. Is there a way to get DTPO2 to use Acrobat Pro for OCR? (either via settings or script?)

or if I have to do a workflow like
ScanSnap->Acrobat Pro->DTPO2, can someone give me rough pointers on what would be the best approach? (directory watching… applescript…etc)


Saving scanned (or other) files to the Global Inbox folder (the one that can be optionally added to Finder’s sidebar with Help > Install Add-Ons) then DTPO will import them automatically when it’s launched or already running. That may be the simplest and most reliable method but not necessarily best for your purposes.

I routinely use Acrobat 8 Professional to OCR, then transfer into DTPO. I get better quality images at smaller sizes, at the cost of lower accuracy in OCR in Acrobat compared to DTPO.

I describe this in another post: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=10045&p=46927#p46927.

Let me know if you need more details.