using Action Index/Link folder action scripts

Any suggestions how to take advantage of the new Action Index/Link folder action scripts?  I use Action Import with a scratch folder where I drop miscellaneous files that get copied into DT, then clear the scratch folder later.

Seems Action Index/Link will work best when attached to “permanent” folders, but I’m not sure yet how they’ll operate as the contents of those folders changes over time.  I realize it’s not a substitute for transparent mirroring.

Action Link could be handy for monitoring an image library, tho’ unfortunately there’s no way to select which group in the database any new links will be added.  What’s missing is a way to associate different destination DT groups for each Action Link folder.

So, how might Action Index/Link be useful with their limitations?

Well, AppleScript support of DT PE is limited (and always will be) but we thought that adding link/index commands would be consistent if there’s already an import command.

I think Action Link will be convenient for me anyway since it’ll be obvious when new links appear at the home level and it’s not hard moving 'em to the groups they belong.

I haven’t tried indexing yet.  Most content that’s suitable for it is in still-to-be-merged-from-Jaguar folders.  Now DT indexing has given me a new reason to take care of those. :slight_smile: