Using Apple's hardware encryption

Are there any plans to implement the iOS hardware encryption for DT to Go dbs? Other apps such as GoodReader seem to have it working pretty well.

Not at the moment. I seem to have even missed the announcement about this feature. But I’ll add it as a feature request so we can consider it.

It’s been a round since iOS4 came out.

To have the whole stuff (and not only the database entries) encrypted is quite important in, but not limited to, my business.

I cannot imagine that one will carry it’s or it’s relatives/customers valuable business or private informations around without ANY kind of guardance against misuse or public dissemination on mobile devices if lost or stolen. :cry:

Conclusion: Unencrypted DevonThink to go will be unusable for me for any serious kind of personal or business information! :open_mouth:

It’s that easy. :bulb:

And the German Law (at least the BDSG (personal data protection act)) will prevent you from lawful carrying any meaningful which contains anyone else’s personal data inside DevonThink to go … Sorry to have to say that.

With Business Data it is even worse®. My policies (which are BDSG and PCI-DSS driven) do not allow to work with DevonThink to go at it’s present state nor could I imagine that any of my colleagues would allow their staff to use it with meaningful data.

Lot’s of people eventually use it believing that it’s locked and their data is secure - this simply isn’t the case at present if their device gets in fraudulent hands.

This usage restrictions might be overcome with ease:

Simply follow the given hint and get the whole stuff secured. Better today than tomorrow!

It WILL be a marketing argue as well! Security (not obscurity as with the DB by today) matters!

I like DevonThink (!) and I would even more like it (!!) if you would kindly provide effective cryptographic support for my valuable data assets. Even if strolling around or sitting at a conference table.

Just my 2ct… :wink:


  • 1 from me. I will use DtTG nevertheless, but only because I need my business data on the go, but I consider encrypted documents as a must.

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